The future of personal safety & well -being

The SOS wristband uses " Smart Technology " to instantly send your location along with a real time recording of your situation to your chosen network of friends and family.

Feel Empowered , free from worry & anxiety

You can do all the things you want , confident in the knowledge that you are connected & protected by your friends and family if you ever need their help.

Safelet SOS Wristband

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I take hoop classes in schools early evenings, during the Autumn/Winter I leave grounds in the dark on my own, I often feel quite alone and vulnerable. Now with a Safelet I will never be alone.


My son was very happy that I bought a Safelet too as it has not only given me peace of mind, but he and his family feel better that I have something that I can immediately press for help whether I am at home or out and about. I would recommend a Safelet to anyone.


Thank you for bringing Safelet to the New Zealand market, it is an amazing product, easy to use, and both Mum and I love them.

Safelet NZ