Safelet is a 'Smart Bracelet'

Instantly alert your friends and family of your location and that you need help.

Remove the Worry

Do all the things you want to do. Safe in the knowledge that you can alert your friends and family if you need help.

Current Models Available

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$259.00 $299.00

Tess Quick shop


$259.00 $299.00


I take hoop classes in schools early evenings, during the Autumn/Winter I leave grounds in the dark on my own, I often feel quite alone and vulnerable. Now with a Safelet I will never be alone.


My son was very happy that I bought a Safelet too as it has not only given me peace of mind, but he and his family feel better that I have something that I can immediately press for help whether I am at home or out and about. I would recommend a Safelet to anyone.


Thank you for bringing Safelet to the New Zealand market, it is an amazing product, easy to use, and both Mum and I love them.

Safelet NZ