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Are you a Safelet Guardian?

Are you a Safelet Guardian?

Are you a Safelet Guardian?
Do you know what to do when the person you are guarding sends an SOS? The best way to help them is to:
+ OPEN the notification. Then you can see where they are.
+ RESPOND - press the "I'm on my way" button. This sends a notification to the person that you have received their alarm and you are taking action.
+ LISTEN - listen to the recording, are there other people there? Is the person in life threatening danger? The more information you can gather the better!
+ ACT - phone 111 if you need police, ambulance or fire. Provide emergency operators with as much information as possible. If they don't need emergency services, guardians can coordinate with other guardians in the app to provide the best help.
When Safelet Guardians know exactly what to do, you could just save a life!!
Stay safe out there Safelet Whanau!!
Sep 15, 2021

Great info thank you!


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