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Meet the Team Behind NZ's Safety Alert Bracelet

Meet the Team Behind NZ's Safety Alert Bracelet

Meet Safelet NZ’s superwoman team – Sharron and Brenda! Their passion for keeping Kiwi’s safe with their safety alert bracelet is contagious. That’s why there are so many enthusiastic Safelet supporters around the country.


Sharron and Brenda tell us about their story:


“It came as a complete surprise to me when I slipped and hit my head while cleaning out my garden shed last year. I couldn’t reach my phone to call for help and I lapsed in and out of consciousness over the course of several hours. I must have crawled inside during that time because I found myself in bed a day later. If I was wearing a Safelet, I could have alerted my family and friends that I needed help. The fact is, that if I got help more quickly I would not have needed rehab a year later.”



“It was like a wakeup call for us both. Once Sharron started to recover, we both thought how good it would be if there was some sort of safety wearable we could press to alert one another if we needed help. We have both worked in the jewellery business, and so we wanted to find something that looked good, a wearable that we would be happy to wear – because that’s important. That’s when we found Safelet – and it has changed our lives.”



With a background in the jewellery business, both Sharron and Brenda searched far and wide for something not only practical but something they could wear proudly, something that looked good as well as being functional.


Now, Safelet is NZ’s leading safety alert bracelet and is giving peace of mind to active and independent wearers throughout the country.


“People wear a Safelet for so many different reasons, to feel safe and secure while there are going for walk or a jog, when they are leaving work late, or simply to feel safe while home alone”

Safelet is a wearable safety alert bracelet that sends an instant alert if you need help. 


Now you can do the things you love to do without worry for your safety. Safelet is the perfect companion.


Everyone deserves peace of mind when it comes to their personal safety. Check out our shop, where we have a fantastic range of safety alert bracelets in different styles, perfect for any age at any stage!

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