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Sophie Tote Bag

Sophie Tote Bag

In November, the fabulous folks Ico Traders launched an incredibly generous charity initiative when they introduced the Sophie Tote Bag, with 100% of the profits going to helping women living with intimate partner violence. Everytime you use your Sophie Bag you know that you have helped someone gping through domestic violence - the charity bag with a conscience! 

Hundreds of people have loved using their Sophie Bags this summer - the feedback on the design, quality and functionality has been outstanding! You get a fabulous versatile bag, and know that every cent goes towards helping women experienceing domestic violence by purchasing Safelets for them.

Safelets can help women in dangerous living situations by alerting their trusted guardians quickly and silently that they need help, as well as recording the situation. The recordings can help emergency services coordinate a response, and even help with providing evidence for police after a domestic violence event. 

We are so grateful to Ico Traders for the opportunity to be involved with the Sophie Tote Bag, it's such a wonderful opportunity to help some of the most vulnerable women in our society. Navy, Sage and Camel sold out in record time, and there are just a few left in the gorgeous blush colour!! Get yours today here: https://icotraders.co.nz/shop/home/homewares/the-sophie-charity-tote-bag/

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