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Are you Part of our Guardian Network?

Are you Part of our Guardian Network?

I'm often asked about the Safelet guardian network , what does it do , do I need to belong and how do I know if I'm part of it? 

Our network was created for those who want to take an active role in supporting others who may urgently need help. It is a personal choice to join and you are asked whether you want to belong when first setting up your account within the app.

You will know if you belong by checking your app menu and if the guardian network tab has a green tick beside it , you are part of wider guardian network. This means that if someone activates their Safelet and you are within 500 metres , you will receive their alarm , even though you may not know them personally. The choice to respond is entirely yours.

If you prefer to only protect and be protected by your inner circle of friends and family then simply click the Guardian network tab in the menu and you will be asked if you wish to leave. 

People often join and leave at various times based on what's happening at the time. For example , when travelling and wanting to be connected to those in the local area if assistance is needed , is a popular reason to join.

The most important thing to remember is that the community is there if and when you need them and the choice is yours to join or leave at any time.

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