Safelet FAQ's


Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do Guardians need the App?

Yes, your Guardians also need the Safelet App. When you invite somebody to become your Guardian, they receive a link to download the Safelet App. When they have installed the Safelet App and created an account they are automatically registered as your Guardian. You can add or remove Guardians whenever you want via the Safelet app.

2) How much data does the Safelet app use?

This depends on how many alarms you activate and how often you use the check-in functionality. But in general, this should never be more than 100 kilobyte which is a fraction of any standard data plan

3) What is the Guardian network and why should I join?

A Guardian is normally invited by a friend, relative, co-worker or somebody else they know personally. During the installation of the Safelet App they get the choice if they are also willing to receive the SOS-signals of other Safelet users that they do not know personally. If they accept they will only receive an SOS-signal if they are in immediate proximity of the location from where the SOS-signal was sent. Though this is a very personal choice we hope that as many people as possible say yes. We strongly believe in a world where each one us is willing to play an active role to create a safer society and support people that urgently need help.

4) Will my Guardians always receive an alarm?

If your Guardians have a data connection at the moment that the SOS-signal was sent they will receive the alarm. If they have not put the sound level on silent they will hear a very specific incoming alarm sound that indicates that they have received an SOS-signal.

5) Why do my guardians not receive an alarm sound and/or notification when I send it out?

The Safelet App, like any other App, requires permissions for sound and notifications. During the installation these permissions are required. But afterwards it is possible that Guardians sometimes unknowingly change these settings and de-activate these essential permissions. As a consequence, they will not be notified during an emergency. To re-activate the permissions, go to the settings menus of your phone.

6) Where do Guardians find the details of an alarm if they have not received a notification?

Due to the issue we described under 5 it is possible that a Guardian is not notified of an incoming alarm. The Guardian can still find the details of this incoming alarm under the menu option that is named ‘Events’ if there is an active alarm situation at that moment.


The Hero will stop broadcasting if it does not move for 30 minutes. This will lead to loss of connection with the smartphone. As soon as the Hero SOS wristband is picked up or moved again the connection will be re-established.

Tapping the screen to illuminate the clock is a simple way to “wake Up” the hero and re establish the connection with Bluetooth.


After the Safelet is activated, you must cancel the alert via the App. To do this , tap  the "disable alarm" tab for Android or "stop alarm" for I Phones. A drop down list of messages will appear and one must be sent to your guardians to cancel the alarm.

9) Is my location accurate when I send an alarm or check in?

Your location is just as accurate as with Google maps. Which means pretty accurate but dependent on the quality of available cellular network signals, GPS satellite information and WIFI information.

10) What can I do to make sure that my location is as accurate as possible during an alarm situation or when I use the check-in functionality

It is important that the location settings on your mobile phone are set to ‘high accuracy’. This means that your mobile phone will use all available signals from GPS, mobile network and WIFI to determine a position. Any other setting will have a negative impact on the accuracy of a location.

11) What is the best way to use the check in function to have an accurate location

With the check-in function you send your location details to your Guardians. They know where you are at that moment. If you want to give them your exact location like for example apartment number, you can add a small comment in the text-window before you send your check-in.

12) How can I see if my Phone and the Safelet are connected?

With the Hero  2.0 model the Bluetooth connection can be checked on the Safelet Screen.

To check if Phone and Safelet are connected on our hero 1.0  you can simply check your phone

Android – Open the notification area (pull down the screen with your fingers) and you will see the Safelet Logo with a message. If the Phone is connected with a Safelet you will see a message like this: Protected by X people.

iPhone – Open the Safelet App on the phone and in the menu, you should see the following text: Safelet connected. Battery level xx%.

13) My Phone says, ‘Lost Connection with Safelet’ What does this mean?

This is the standard message that indicates that the Phone and Safelet are out reach of each other. As soon as both devices are in each other’s reach again, the connection should be re- established. This is mostly a matter of seconds but should take no longer than two minutes.

14) My Phone says ‘Lost Connection’ even when the Safelet is in close proximity

If you tap on the Safelet screen the screen remains black this probably means that the Safelet battery needs to be charged. Put the Safelet on the charger.

A. You see the battery icon ,the time displayed and Bluetooth connection. At this point the Phone and Safelet should be reconnected again

B. You just see the battery icon. Time is not displayed. If this happens, go to the Safelet App menu and select ‘Disconnect Safelet’. After this you can reconnect the Safelet and the Phone again. To do this you can simply select the ‘Connect Safelet’ option again and follow the instructions.

15) What do I need to do if I change phone numbers or use a new SIM card (when overseas)?

Nothing. When you put a new sim card in your Phone on which the Safelet App is installed, The Safelet App will continue to work.

16) What do I need to do when I change my Phone?

Very Little. You download the Safelet App on your new phone and login with same email and password that you used on your other Phone and reconnect your Safelet

17) How long will the battery last?

With normal use the battery will last approximately 2 - 3 days

18) How long does it take to recharge the battery?

Within 10 minutes the battery is charged to work for a couple of days. To fully charge the battery will take approximately one hour.

19) How can I see the time on the Safelet?

Tapping on the Safelet screen will display the time , battery level and Bluetooth connection. But please note that this will only happen if the Safelet and Phone are connected. If you tap on the Safelet and the time does not show, it can mean one of two things:

1. The battery is empty.

2. The Safelet is no longer connected to the Phone.

20) Is the Safelet water proof?

No, but is splash proof.

21) What is the maximum distance between Safelet and Phone

There is not s straightforward answer to this. In open spaces with no objects between Safelet and Phone we have measured a distance of 40 meters, however this was dependent on the type of Phone. With a Samsung S6 we measured a greater distance than with an iPhone. In general, the distance with iPhones was smaller.

To complicate things, these distances cannot be accomplished indoors. Indoor distances are very dependent on the structure of the location. For example, the structure of the walls and ceilings (wood, concrete, metal or a mix) plays a very important role. In general, it is not possible to claim any measure of indoor distance.


22) App in Background

Remember this is a bluetooth device and requires a connection to the app to activate. Depending on the technology in your phone we recommend leaving the app on in the background to maintain connection. This does not need to be actively open.