How It Works

Your Community of Guardians

The unique idea behind Safelet is that you can create your own safety community. You can nominate the friends, family, neighbours and loved ones that you want alerted in the case of an emergency. We call these people your community of guardians. You can also elect to connect to the larger Safelet guardian network. This means that Safelet guardians within a 500m radius of you will also be alerted. An ideal function if you are travelling away from home.

1. Order and unpack your Safelet.

2. Download the app, install and create an account on your smartphone.

3. Use the app to make a connection between your Safelet and smartphone.

4. Define your level of security, and invite friends and family into your Guardian network.

5. You’re ready to go! You are now connected and protected.

6. When in danger, activate the Safelet by simultaneously pressing the two buttons located on both edges.

7. Your guardians receive an alert, along with your location and guidance on what to do.