How Safelet Works

Connected & Protected

Your Personal Guardian Network - With Safelet's innovative technology you can create your own safety network by selecting friends, family, neighbours and loved ones to be alerted in the case of an emergency. We call these people your Guardians. Your Safelet connects to your app using bluetooth and only once you press your alert button will your Safelet use WIFI or Data to send your alert to your personal guardian network. This alert will reach them anywhere they are in WIFI or data range in the world.

When your Guardians open your SOS alert they see your GPS location along with the following critical features: a) A live stream recording of the event, b) Ability to Call Emergency Services, c) Indicate that they are "On their Way" or organising help, d) Guardians can also see the location of each other and can communicate an effective response via text

With the Safelet you have the ability to invite unlimited numbers of people to be alerted if a moment of panic arises.

The safelet App is required by both bracelet wearers and their guardians. This enables the sending of SOS alerts and check in's. It is vital to never uninstall or log off as this will render the Safelet inactive

Download the free Safelet App to become a volunteer guardian on the wider Safelet Network