"After a nurse I worked with was attacked walking home from her night shift , I purchased a Safelet and it's been awesome. I programmed my friends and colleagues in as my guardians so that if I was ever in danger someone would be able to see my location and come to my aid. I wouldn't have time to reach my phone and dial a number so knowing how quick the one touch alert button is has greatly reduced my anxiety and fear when having to work late at night. I really recommend it to anyone doing nightshifts."

"I haven't had to use my safelet for violence yet, but as someone with depression , I have used it when I am low. I was feeling suicidal a few days ago and wanted to end things. However, I pressed my safelet and within 10 minutes my Dad came and picked up my son and Mum dropped what she was doing and took me out for a walk. That helped a lot."


"I was so very grateful to receive my safelet. It's such an amazing little piece of technology that is going to give me such peace of mind knowing my network of Guardians are right there if I need them. I cannot express how much it means to me to have this."


"I got a Safelet through one of our family support services , hadn't heard of them and thought I didn't need it. But I did. I used it within a couple of days and was amazed at how quickly the Police responded to my guardians call. The Police arrived quickly and before I was hurt too badly .They told me the Safelet makes me a high priority call. My guardian was able to tell them what was happening and exactly where I was and who was there , as they could hear everything that was happening. It's well worth getting one of these Safelets. It helps the right service get to you quickly."


“The day I got my Safelet was a relief for me as well as for my parents. I work nights at a restaurant, and even though it’s only 5 minutes from home, I still get a bit nervous walking home alone. I feel more relaxed when I’m out with friends, because I know Safelet has my back. It’s comforting knowing my mum and dad are just a push of a button away if I need help.”


“Today I received my Safelet bracelet. I love it, and it goes so well with my sportswear. The reason I purchased the Safelet was to give me peace of mind. I take hoop classes in schools’ early evenings, during the autumn/Winter I leave grounds in the dark on my own, I often feel quite alone and vulnerable. Now with a Safelet I will never be alone."


“I attended a Grey Power meeting in Christchurch and listened to a presentation about the new product called Safelet. Two days prior to putting in my order a very scary and frightening occurrence happened. I went to my bathroom and closed the door and the handle came off in my hand. I was locked in and unable to get out. Three hours later, totally exhausted and bruised from banging and crashing, my neighbour heard a noise so came across to see if I had a problem. That was an understatement! If only I had purchased the Safelet two days earlier, I would not have suffered the trauma that I experienced. My son was very happy that I bought a Safelet too as it has not only given me peace of mind, but he and his family feel better that I have something that I can immediately press for help whether I am at home or out and about. I would recommend a Safelet to anyone.”


“I don’t like being out and about driving alone, and my Safelet has given me a lot of confidence knowing that my friends, family and neighbours can be alerted instantly if I feel I need help. My Mother, who is a very sprightly lady has also purchased a Safelet. Mum is always on the go, loves socialising and getting about, so the Safelet is ideal for her safety and security too. I feel much more at ease knowing that in the event she needs help she will press her Safelet to alert many of her contacts including me, who would be there in a flash to assist her. Thank you for bringing Safelet to the New Zealand market, it is an amazing product, easy to use, and both Mum and I love them.”