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Safelet Personal Safety Alarm


Safelet Personal Safety Alarm

  A sleek unisex personal safety alarm, featuring a one-touch 'SOS' button that alerts friends and family instantly of your location and a live stream recording of the event. If you find yourself in need of a helping hand, one simple press of the 'SOS' button will alert your network of Guardians, and help will be on its way.

A safety net is something we all need from time to time so that we can do everyday things without worry. The Safelet Personal Safety Alarm is a stylish and smart wristband that connects with your community of guardians should you need help.

For anyone who wants to remain active and independent, you are safe in the knowledge that a network of guardians is always by your side.

"I feel more relaxed when I’m out with friends because I know Safelet has my back. It’s comforting knowing my mum and dad are just a push of a button away if I need help.” - Hannah

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Safelet Personal Safety Alarm Product Details

  • Silicone band, polycarbonate body wrist band. Fits all wrist sizes. 
  • Smartphone app to invite friends and family into your guardian network 
  • Compatible with an IOS (version 7.0 or higher) or Android (version 5.0) operated smartphone 
  • Safelet Personal Safety Alarm has a weight of 22 g 
  • Dimensions 19.5 mm length, 11.8 mm in width
  • Safelet Personal Safety Alarm strap size is 164mm - 216mm length
  • Safelet Personal Safety Alarm has a rechargeable battery, lasting 2-3 days between charges

Safelet App

  • Invite friends and family into your Guardian Network 
  • Send alerts, your location & a live recording of the event to your Guardian Network with the Safelet Personal Safety Alarm
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy connection to an IOS or Android operated smartphone

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