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*Meet Tess"

Tess is a lightweight and sporty safety alert bracelet, perfect for people who love being active and independent. By setting up your personal guardian network with Tess, you are safe in the knowledge that a network of guardians is always by your side.

A safety net is something we all need from time to time. So that we can do the everyday things without worry. The Safelet is a stylish and smart bracelet for safety alerts that connects with a community of guardians should you need help.

Product Details

  • Stainless steel milanese mesh wrist band. Fits all wrist sizes. 
  • Smartphone app to invite friends and family into your guardian network 
  • Compatible with an iOS (version 7.0 or higher) or Android (version 5.0)
  • Weight 30 g 
  • Dimensions 20 mm width, 26 mm length 
  • Strap band 20 mm width 
  • Coin cell, lasts 9 months 
  • Replaceable coin cell type- CR2025 

Safelet App

  • Invite friends and family into your Guardian Network 
  • Send alerts and your location to your Guardian Network 
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy connection to an iOS or Android operated smartphone

"I take hoop classes in schools’ early evenings, during the autumn/Winter I leave grounds in the dark on my own, I often feel quite alone and vulnerable. Now with a Safelet I will never be alone." - Bernadette

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